Instructions for use Black Latte

It accepts as true Black Latte

How Black Latte true

To ensure remarkable efficiency action drink Black Latte strictly follow the instructions required the use of the drug. So, the foreign exchange, a product that allows you to achieve bright, noticeable and lasting results – reduced weight and increased effectiveness, as a whole.

Instructions that describes the order of such an application Black Latte:

  • pour 1 cup of dry powder (2 teaspoon – 14 grams) a cup or mug;
  • contents, pour boiling hot water;
  • mix well and drink a small sip of drink;
  • a welcome drink should be made 1-2 times a day, at any time, day or night (time-dependent the main meal).

More pleasant taste, you can add a little milk and had a drink (preferably Walnut – coconut, almond, etc.). To improve the taste also Black Latte you can use vanilla, cinnamon, honey (to taste). Application of a course of treatment liquor, unlimited – everything is connected the amount of excess fat and set your goals.

Clear instructions prescribing conditions for storage of black powder Latte. So, the tool you need to keep dry in a room by eliminating direct access to sun rays. Optimum temperature for storage is 15 to 25 °C, relative humidity of 75%. Storage time possible dust – 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Indications and contraindications

Instant beverages Black Latte you can apply to people of any gender and age (12 years) there is a problem with overweight, slow metabolism and disorders of the digestive system is working. As a part of the product since only natural ingredients does not cause allergic reactions, or adverse effects. The only restriction is that application drink, breastfeed the child for a while, intolerance to any component. To ensure maximum safety and reliability value to state the fact that it is to consult a specialist before taking any allergic reactions.